UNtangle WORKS P90 platform

the web site is still under construction. but I try to work on it day by day.

about the P90 mag

UNW P90 mag

the hart of the project the UNW P90 mag. this is a 28 round paintball mag made to be used with round ball. and got basically the same shape as a airsoft P90 mag. so there should be a lot of mag pouch options out there relative speaking of course since it’s a less popular platfrom then lets say a AR15, or Ak platform.

UNW P90 Hi cap mag

are you tiered of reloading and playing against hopper players? but don’t what to give up the bullpup setup? then you might like this.

UNW P90 "g11" styled tipx mag adapter

this adapter only work with the low profile mount installed. and makes it possible to select the magwell you are feeding from. so you can reload the empty mag out with one still ready to go. or shoot them both empty and reload them in 1 go. it’s up to you. 

UNW P90 TIPX "P90" styled adapter

for now this is only made for the PE ETHA 1, but it can be made for ETHA 2  EMEK on a later date as well. what this model does laying the mags flat  like a p90, but it’s less fun in my opinion then the G11 styled version

PLanet eclipse models

UNW P90 Planet eclipse ETHA 1

this the most compact version in regards the PE models. and is fun that is can shoot really fast on ramp mode. just like the ETHA 2. 

UNW P90 Planet eclipse EMEK

the Emek doesn’t need any batteries, the draw back of that is that is only semie auto so as a P90 that may look less fun. but it should still be a fun little platform


if you like fire power with roundball then this model will most likely be the best option. with better internals then the Etha1 making is a softer and more accurate platform , jet making it still possible to shoot fast so it give you that P90 feel 

UNW P90 Planet eclipse EMF100

this model will give you the option to use round balls with the P90 mag on top. and to switch to the bottom mags for First strike rounds. but keep in mind the EMEK and EMF100 are semie auto only

Tippmann models

UNW P90 Tippmann 98

this model wil be made on a later date.

UNW P90 Tippmann x7 Phenom

this model will be made later

other marker models

UNW P90 Runqi

for those who like to work more from a bought P90 gel bal blaster model and what to use there own marker to mod a P90 that works with the UNW P90 magazine platform 

UNW P90 universal adapter

for now just a prove on concept. but it will be worked out later

Other parts

UNW PE EMF100 bullpup kit

these can be used with the P90 mag mound as well. but of course also with the standard magazines for the EMF100. for a more compacter set up.

UNW P90 Planet Eclipse stand

this is for now only for the PE models in the P90 configuration.

The UNW P90 prototyping history

gameplay footage

game play done with the UNW P90 platform, for now most of it was done in the prototype face 

prototyping history

Here can you see some of the progress of the mags and the UNW P90 projects as a hole. in case you like to see were it als started out with.