for download (STL / STEP) files

I can’t make the time for my self to really work on this site as I had planned a lot of things are getting in the way. so for now do I move back to the Idea to use CULTS3D for selling the downloads. so it’s a bit automated. so I can focus on getting other things in live done.

does this take a cut out of my profits yes… but it will make it possible for now to get the show going. so I don’t keep everyone on hold…

for those how know me you can contact me personally for a more direct approach since in a away dealing with CULTS3D is not really ideal for my self as well. but it’s something. 

I find the Cults3d site a bit of a chaotic mess. so I recommend to look on this page for the items that are available. do keep in mind for the free downloads go to my printables page! I don’t update my free thingiverse or Cults3d fillies (except the payed ones on cults3d). 

so in case you don’t want to work with the Cults3D website your self, then you can email me as well. or contact me somewhere you know me from. just keep in mind that I’m not 24hs available. so place be patient. but once I  got respond to your message I will try to handel it at fast as I can.

where can I find the current free files?

I moved over to the Prusa’s printables page! so visit this site for all my current fillies

this is not ready for release jet…

UNW 3d print TIPS