UNW the Carmatech Engineering SAR12 magazine Pouch

I’m no Sar12 expert, but Rudolf from the Black Templars made me aware that there are not really pouches for this platform. So with some help from him did I design this SAR12 mag pouch. like the other mag pouches that I designed does these click the mag in place. so you can just pull them out of the pouch by grabbing the mag. 

for the model that is pointed upside down did I also add a option to place a elastic around the mag. like you see more often with this type of open mag mouches. But for so far I know of is it possible to use this pouch with out the elastic making reloads faster. but test this well before risking losing or damaging your mag. and on a later stage as well in case the pouch is getting more worn in if that is a thing. only time and feed back can tell since I can’t use it my self.

UNW SAR12 mag Pouch videos

UNW SAR12 magazine Pouch options

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