UNW Question and Answer


yes, but this will add bit extra to the price, I don’t mind if you only want the download file after wards for that.

but I might not accept the request. if it’s sounds like a unpractical thing to make. or just not my skill set or to boring jet time consuming to make. also what some people fail to realise it seems is. that I can’t get my hands on all kind of markers or parts of those markers needed to make those parts.

questions related to physical products

Yes, I have personally no problem with that. but it will have a higher price to do so. so to give your self a bit of a impression are here some prises. as a reference for bigger items
shipping to :
USA  untracked €19,25, tracked €25,55
UK untracked €12, tracked €18,50
DE untracked €9,30 tracked €13
NL tracked €6,75

in the past this was PETG and in some rare cases do I still use this if I feel that better to give a material more “flex” but I have moved over to PLA + since it’s a harder and stronger material

yes you can but it’s not like I stock up on al kind of colours so I don’t cover the entire colour spectrum

yeah with the help of a plastic primer you can. this the case for both the PETG and PLA+

Because for some big projects like the FGC68, FGC6FA do mainly expect that people with there own 3d printers are interested in making those. since it would get a bit expensive if I would be printing these big parts.

yeah, the parts have been cleaned up and are assembled.

Questions about downloads

well I started out on a free model and hopped that I could function on a Donation model but this model did not prove to work at all. only a hand full of people ever did made a donation. So I needed to move over to payed model. I’m not developing things at my own costs till the point I could not work on projects for months.

No, I moved over to www.prusaprinters.org. so the fills are still on Thingiverse but I will no longer be logging in (if it even allows me to) to update files, upload, or answer questions on there. I’m officially done with it. unless it turns back into a usable site again….

no, not really I used to auto upload files from Thingiverse to there. But I find the site very confusing I don’t really get how to properly get to my own designs and the comments section is so odd. so for now no I will only be using the Prusaprinters site.

you will get a .Zip file with STL, STEP and a README or PDF file. that should make it clear how to install the parts. 

Then you can contact me get your hands on the updated files

well assuming that you are going to use it for paintball? do I use a wall setting of 8 lines thick. this will make thin parts solid and for the bigger parts will there be a 40% cubic infill this proved to be in my experience more than enough for paintball. but there is always a chance that something is breaking of course. but adding more infill would most likely not have helped in that case