The UNW P90 prototyping history

it have been a crazy year. were it started as just making a P90 paintball magazine for my team mate. and well just make a temporary mount for me on the Planet eclipse EMF100 just to test them out before it’s going to be build into a airsoft P90. and I was a bit doubtful at first to start out this project. I mean there are already magfed mags out there why would I start making one. but  he convinced me to for me and supported the project from the start. other wise is would not have been made. since there is a lot development time and cost involved into making this

and well if you have fallowed the journey impatiently then you know that this project was getting big and bigger!  partially since I have liked the P90 my self for a very long time. and had a bit of a history making a paintball bullpup my self. did I at a certain point thought well just go al out and make a flexible platform that looks as close as possible like a P90. and that opened the door to make all kind of things for this platform. some were made so I had just a back up mag system in case the P90 mags were not running that well. something that did happen durring it’s development. and others things just because it can be done. haha