UNW P90 gameplay and field testing

Pba NR4: gen 8 P90 mag & G11 tipx adapter

about the UNW P90: at this point in time did the mags not run that well… so sometimes they did not feed then they did. making me really frustrated first of all because this was really distracting for me and brought me in a lot trouble in the game’s . and there was that nagging worry like am I even going to fix this in the end? well luckily I did… but it have been a big journey for sure.


UNW P90 testing: at this stage did the mags still had some feeding issues some times the spring/winding parts would get stuck. those are now fixed and the mag feeds fine now.

PDN NR7: Gen 10 p90 mag, HI cap mag

about this day: it was way to cold to play magfed… and to make it even worse did we not play with winterpaint so. it was hard to play the game. I think 90 or 80% of my shots were breaking in side the barrel. but ironically the rental guys with the EMEK seem to do a hole lot better then me with my old ETHA 1 or other team members with there own markers. of course the subair markers were still playable as well. especially when you compared where I had to deal with haha…