UNW Marker parts

Tippmann TMC parts


I redesigned the TMC shrouds making it more stronger. and easier to adapt to different barrel types

this is not ready for release jet…


two TMC dropdown variations in one set. this V3 model got some small adjustments over the original design from the past.

First strike T15 parts

A free floating handguard for the T15 styled like a AKS 74U

planet eclipse parts

PLANET ECLIPSE EMF100 bullpup kit -

this is not ready for release jet…



this lower is made so you don’t have to modify your original AR12 lower in order to fit it into a custom lower. for a different look for your sar12

this apex cover will give your APEX2 a different look

this APEX2 cover was made to go with a special long range ladder sight. so you could use it with the “flatline mode” on your apex. 

the idea was that since you have to place you Apex in a angle to make it shoot straight did I had the idea to place a grenade or long range sight on it so you can just flip the sights up and know that the rounds should fly out straight from this angle. 

can you know this from experience sure. but some might like the look of it.

this sight was made to work with a Apex were there was no place on the Apex it self to place the sights on. so in case you like it to use this way as well then here is the rail option. or you might like it for some other reason.