UNTANGLE WORKS mag adapters page

this feed neck version of the mag adapters are of course only for roundball use only.

mags tested are the Dye tactical mag, and the PE CF20 the UNW DHM (Dye Half Mags) will fit as well.


TIPPMANN TMC Mag adapters gen2

there are lot of gen 1 TMC magwells out there for free and they work. these models have a improved look, and more importantly inserting magazines is more easy with this model. but to be fair this can be manually updated as well if you want to update your old prints

this is not ready for release jet…


First stike T15 Mag adapters gen2

this is not ready for release jet…


tippmann TIPX MAG adapter

makes is possible to use 7 or 12 round TIPX mags on your VALKEN M17 and Zetamags, it will work for round ball and FSR. It needs a but of hand fitting for a MILSIG M17.