FGC6s a airsoft springer drop in kit for the FGC9

this is drop in kit must not be taken to seriously it’s not really for airsoft games by any means. the fps is to low for it. but there is some potential when using syringes as a piston but I don’t think that I will place more energy in this project. but how knows maybe on a later date. but for now see this model more as Nerf gun that shoots bb’s and is mostly 3d printed besides the barrel. 

FGC6S instruction videos

other parts that work for the FGC6s

speed loader funnel

this just a simple funnel made to make a bit more easy so fill up your mag speed loader.

ligth mount for FGC9, FGC6, FGC68

this model right here is the more extreme one in his length. but the idea is to have a mount for you light pad switch. and extent the weapon light more forward so you shine less or no light on your barrel or marker. there are different sizes in the download file. do keep in mind that low sitting red dots will have there view blocked by the flash light…  but the benefit of having it on top is that your light is never blocked by a wall or other type of cover.

FGC68 to FGC6 shroud adapter

in the rare case you want to use a printed FGC68 shroud for your FGC6. something I had a temporary need for. then you can use this adapter to do so.

about the magazines for the FGC6s

dummy mags for the FGC6

in the video do I talk about making your own dummy mags. but there are also 3d printable dummy mags based on the Menendez v2 pack 

from WE G19 to FGC9 mags

this base plate makes your WE TECH G19 mags a bit longer like the Menendez FGC9 mags so there are more easy to take out of the magwell

FGC6s springer mag

here do i show how to make the 3d printable mags for the FGC6S airsoft springer.

FGC6s springer mag update

there was update that I made on the model with the removable floor plate so the floor stayed in place better.