FGC68 Tipx edition

3d printable FGC9 styled magfed marker for TIPX/TCR parts

this basically a fully 3d printable paintball marker at least with out going to crazy and 3d print all the parts that are part of the fire mechanism it self as well. and still make it fit inside a FGC9 from factor. I was already  surprised that this was even possible to pull off since 68 cal is very big to squeeze down in a design that is made for 9mm. but after some work did I menace to pull it off. 

so for who is this type of platform? well it could be for existing Tipx/ TCR users that look some something different. and potently like to use longer barrels and go more for a rifle look.

some mentioned like, it’s the Budget magfed marker! well I don’t really think so. I think there are more cheaper magfed beginner markers out there or the use of my magfed adapters. 

but this one is really for those how like to idea to play paintball or magfed only games with a marker shaped in the FGC9 platform. of loosely based on it since you can customised it in a lot of ways with a lot of butt stock and shroud options

FGC68 instruction videos for the MKI and MKII


his the first version of the FGC68, it was just released when the FGC9 MKII was released. so not long after did I make a MKII model. the performance is the same. just a different look. with different shroud and upper options.


there is not much difference between the MKI and MKII. so the installation video is pretty much the same. besides the charging handle part. that is why I only made a small update video on it.


Some small updates in the MKII design. that in the case for the FGC68 are mainly the 4mm metal pin to lock in the mag catch bar 

maintenance tip

other parts that work for the FGC68 TIPX edition

FGC9 shroud convertion

here do I show what it takes to change a FGC9 shroud into a FGC68 shroud

adjustable trigger

I have played around with the idea to make the trigger feel a bit different this was one of those concepts. but to be honest I moved back to the stock trigger it works fine. but you can play around with it or when you find it hard to get your hands on a AR trigger spring. 

sound amplifier

do you want to make some extra noice on the field? then you can give this design a try. I have played for years with a metal version of this. it works well to intimidate the opponent 

ligth mount for FGC9, FGC6, FGC68

this model right here is the more extreme one in his length. but the idea is to have a mount for you light pad switch. and extent the weapon light more forward so you shine less or no light on your barrel or marker. there are different sizes in the download file. do keep in mind that low sitting red dots will have there view blocked by the flash light…  but the benefit of having it on top is that your light is never blocked by a wall or other type of cover.

loading tools and pouch options for the TIPX mags

TIPX mag coupler

the FGC68 is well suited for the mag couplers making  your low capacity mags a bit more useful on the field

TIPX mag pouch

tipx mags are a bit tricky to find pouches for so this one option that makes it a bit more economic on your molle webbing or belt

TIPX mag loader

this is one of many tipx mag loaders out there. to help you out with reloading your mags in a fast and easy way

a clamping feed-neck for the TMC mag loader

this is mod that I made on a loader some one else made for the TIPX, TMC and the T15. this mod was made so it could fit more than one brand of hopper. 

why a speed loader? so it’s a lot faster to load your paintball mags. they are practically loaded by the press of a button this way.

FGC68 MKI promo art