about Untangle works FGC models

these models are based on the FGC9 MKI and MKII 9mm platform. but I have made a view airsoft and paintball replicas of this model. with each there own characteristics.

FGC6 airsoft replicas

FGC6 GBB semi auto

this will be the 1 on 1 airsoft replica once it’s done.

FGC6FA GBB Full auto

this is the full auto open bolt version. that got a fun bonis that is got a bit of “kick” wille firing. there is also a semi auto kit for this model. 

FGC6S airsoft Springer

this drop in kit is mostly 3d printed. but for this moment is it more like a Nerf gun in regarding it’s performance. but it got some potential for those how like to play around with it.  looking closer what the 3D Nerf community does is probably a good angle to take.


this is more like a re-skin kit for your G&G combat machine replica. making it for the most part feel like a FGC9. so this could be useful for training purposes. all do I personally don’t mind the look of the M4 with FGC9 hybrid.  

FGC68 magfed paintball markers

FGC68 TIPX/TCR edition

I think this is as close as you can get making a magfed maker that looks like a FGC9. this done with the help of som Tippmann TIPX or TCR internals. and of course a lot of 3d printed parts. I only wish that the tipx mags would hold a bit more paint… I’m bit to used to using 20 rounds mags now.  to go back at this point haha…

FGC68TMC for Tippmann TMC

in case you like to have more rounds in you magazine. and still have a FGC9 look then this is option as well. but it looks less like the real deal you can’t have it all unfortunately