about Untangle works

for a long time did I enjoy to customise my markers a bit. but this became even more of a thing after I got my own 3d printer. and well the rest is history I have made now quite a lot of parts and items so you might want to have a look if there is something there you like. most things are focust on paintball. but I moved a bit to airsoft as well with the introduction of the FGC6

UNW MAGFED adapters

at the start did I made quite a lot of different magfed adapters so there is a big selection to choice from. but I sure it’s possible that the one you want is not there. but it’s fair to say that I did my best to make magfed accessible for people world wide.

UNW Marker parts

I have made a view marker parts over the years. there maybe something you like in this collection. 

UNW Pouches

most pouches are made for paintball magazines but there are also other pouches for things like barrel swabs and smoke grenades

the UNW P90 lineup

Do you want to turn your marker into a bullpup marker that reloads like a P90? then you might want to take a look at this platform. that uses a 28 round P90 styled magazine. but there are even more options available for this modular platform

currently supported models: PE ETHA 1, PE EMF100 

the UNW FGC lineup

I have been playing around with the FGC9 files from Jstark1809. so this I could make a GBB airsoft replica that goes by the name FGC6. there are a view editions of this replica, and I have also made a paintball magfed version called the FGC68 that uses TIPX parts.

this a very customisable platfrom, with a big selection of shrouds and butt-stocks