Untangle ME: who THE DIASHOW Process could help you becoming more mindful

here will I talk about a process that helped me out a lot this year to become more aware of the things you are doing unconsciously. I think that having a journal is amazing and I have done that a lot as well and I will keep doing this. but for me do I not believe that I would made the progress that I made if I did not tried to draw my self emotional in a place in time potential future or past. to make me self aware of my feelings and resistance and ego stories that would pop up. I do also believe this can be a really powerful way of dealing with something you are really pushing away in your self, to be really face to face with it and ask why do I not want to be associated with this why do I care so much not to be associated with it? and it that truly what I want? or do I believe I should? 

being me do I make it a bit long winded but I do hope that the advice I give become helpful and bring you on some ideas to use it in your own way.