UN ME: The way (out) is nature, going against it is walking the road of death.

during my Ayahuasca ceremony did I had strong visions of nature it was coming up again and again. so were temples made out of skulls or lets say temples that depict skulls and bones… I did not really knew what to make of this part for some time. were as other parts were pretty clear to me. and in hindsight did I took the nature part maybe a bit to literally as well like I should live in a jungle or something haha…

but how more I do reaches into gardening and “alternative health” traditional health is a better word in most cases.. do I notice things are in a way less complicated then it have to be. because you have to remember it’s all alive the soil, the plants the insects and it’s all a balance of give and take. once you start to intrudes death syntactic things to it.. things get disturbed and it can even break the cycle of life to the point you get dependent on replacing the death material time after time in order to keep the cycle going.

this is the same for our body, eating death and chemical foods, and even worse place chemical in our body to suppress the fact that we feel that our body is giving of waring sighs of dis-ease… then we breaking the cycle of life in our selfs.. resulting in suffering and degradation..

but I have looked and take a moment at “our” world as well the fake ass amazing cities and town’s I think those are the temples of death now to be honest… the cycle is totally broken and can only be sustained by humans keeping it going. replacing the broken things and “foods” that can not even be produced locally since there is no life to be found here… it’s to broken to dysfunctional. our lives are to dysfunctional, our governments total tyrants since they have taken you out of the cycle from birth. and made you believe it was the best thing ever. but there is no independence of freedom to be found here. the cycle is to broken for that…

and with the way things are going it feels like you have to choice now. do you stay were you are in life that that used to called familiar but has been taken away from you. as bait to drag you down in the system even more? or do you choice for nature? don’t for get that your a part of that. you can never fully remove your self from it and life. there is no life with out nature.

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