Untangle ME: social freedom

After I came back from Anarchapulco in Mexico where I made quite a big breakthrough in my personal defilement. and took some time processing that with the help of journaling.  Did I wanted to keep challenging my self so I would not stagnate in a safe bubble. 

and that is were this group came into play that is organised by InfiniteMan.

the basic idea was that you have a meeting with a group of guys and you were challenged every week with exercises you need to do. and also some new things you need to try and explore.


this can be quite a rollercoaster at time depending on your personalty type. I can be really hard on my self and push my self a bit to hard at times. so sometimes it felt like to much things came up at once. but sitting with it and journaling this does help a lot. since I picked up from Teal Swan that this techniek can be a very abusive way to the parts that don’t want you to do certain things. but at the same time there is something to be said to just break a pattern a habit you had for years. but I do want to say be very conscious about it! that way in my option you can actually heal from it. and not just shake your self up. there is a reason why you feel uncomfortable and it’s good to become conscious of it by doing this typ of things. but at the same time try to find a solution for this resistance so you don’t end up at war with your self in basically a tug of war.

so these where the recordings I made during that time. are the useful to watch? maybe. but I think the concept of making some form of group where you are real with each other and challenge each other to new things can be sure a good thing.