Untangle ME: how do I use MMS ? some tips and suggestions on how to use it

how do I use MMS? some tips and suggestions on how to use it

this tels a little bit about mms but it’s mostly aimed for those how already know a little bit about it. but since the information is harder and harder to find now a days… and it did help me out so much in the past do I feel it’s worth for me to talk about it.

and I got a link to the downloadable PDF of the mini book that I made.

for pointing you out to the official links alone if they are not broken by the time you see it…

The Grenon family have done a lot together with Jim to bring MMS to where it is today. But their work is heavily censored I think their web site isn’t even there anymore. Here is one of the 3 books Mark has written compared to Jim this is less about prescriptions but more about explaining how MMS works and how corrupt the medical industry is. But because of this book there are additional other things that they often combine with an MMS protocol. Like Andreas Moritz’s liver flush

Laubeholistic is an MMS/DMSO store. DMSO is best sold in glass bottles just like caster oil but this store doesn’t. but otherwise a good shop with a good price and quantity ML ratio.