About the TNSWO

The TNSWO stands for The New Sheep World Order. it’s is basically a frustration out let for me to deal with the madness were are in called this world. and sometimes this translates me just point things out in a more laughable form. other times more in a solution oriented way. other times just not know were to begin and just make something to try to express my self.

but it seems to be human nature to want to adapt even to the most absurt dictatorship. and try to see the positive but even worse in doing so taking part of the tyranny. and defending it, so beaten down of there own thoughts and creativity that they cant see any other way of living.

and I know the temptation of distracting your self, saying that it will be al right. since you feel to powerless, to bring chance, that is could not be really that bad. or admitting you have been lied to all your life. that you where wrong. and now as a adult still figuring out what is false and what is real. I know all about it. but it’s time to actually start living this what I needed to learn the hard way.