About the show

at this point in time did we not do a lot of show’s and it will not be a thing on a regular schedule but who know’s that this change later on. since this kinda started as a attempt to get Peter familiar with making recordings of this type. and for m personally did i kinda like the idea to see how it’s to make a recording with some one else in the room. it makes it feel a bit more natural to do. but it also can give it unique challenges that are good to learn from.

but you probably are more wondring about the show it self… we kinda use the show to hopefully introduce you to a new topic and some speakers / researcher to look into. not that there are much shows to base one over laying line on. but it haves to do with, alternative health, mental health, shadow work, mindfulness, freedom mostly in de shape of breaking out old patterns that are holding you back.

for now the best way to fallow the show is on this site. if you like to see as 1 complete collection. 

or fallow it on the UntangleME LBRY / ODYSEE channel