Shadow WORK

Do you self sabotage your self? do you believe you can only be happy with external things? only to find you self repeating to try to fill that internal emptiness? then you might want to look into things like journaling, parts work, shadow work. to resolve the inertial conflict you have with your self and to become bit by bit a more balanced and hole person. here do I show you my journey that might inspire you to begin your own.

Shadow WORK - NL

niet dat ik en expert ben als het gaat om shadow work. maar ik hoop dat de dingen die ik laat zien je kan inspireren om er verder in te verdiepen en het daad werkelijk te gaan doen.  de meeste dingen die op dit gebied doen zijn in engels talig gedaan mocht je meer voorbeelden willen zien.

social freedom

this was a group that I joined for a wille. that held meetings and were holding challenges. and this was good for me at the time since I was so used to avoid any discomfort. and this also a good moment to look at your self why do I feel that way right now.

Story talk

here do I look back at my own work and tell a bit of the story I was working on. and I notched that it brings up a lot of emotions from time to time. since it looks like I was trying to tell my self things at the time but I was not aware enough to pick them up at the time.

Dream talk

dreams can tell a lot about your self how strange they might be at times. but they can tell you what you unconsciously take in a day to day basis. and you might want to remove that from your mental diet so to speak to not clutter your mind with that.