this a well organised event. that is sold out very fast! I mean usually with in 24hrs. so mark your calendar for the ticked sale if you like to be part of this. there are a lot of chances on this event so there is pretty much every time something new to look at or do. the event is usually 4 days but the main event is 2 days. how ever there are a lot activities to do but yo be fair those are also more focust on the 2 main days. but there are mini games on the 1the and last day. a thing that needs to be said. the event is very german lets say. but if you can only speak english then it’s possible to talk to the organizer he can explain things for you or answers your questions with no problem. this probably gets better once the event becomes more of international thing.

but now I think of it Paintball Veckring is kinda worse if you cant speak French or german. but we don’t notice it that much since there is not so much different things going on. unless you like to be involved with the game missions

scenario big game 2020

scenario big game 24 apocalypse

scenario big game 2019

scenario big game 23 infected

scenario big game 22 revelation

scenario big game 2018

scenario big game 21 conflict