SBG - the magfed main game

If you have only played the SBG big game, then don’t make the mistake to think this is the same thing but then magfed. this is played at a different location. that looks less like a paintball field. it’s basically a forest with some small hills and some buildings dating back from WWII. besides that is the respawn system different you have to go back to you start point or the captured house in the middel of the field. and there will be a respwan wave of lets say 15min. but like the main big game field is it quite a distance so it can take some time and energy to respawn. making this game a bit slower then lets stay a OMG game. also keep in mind that you can get a bit lost if you don’t keep track of the numbers on the houses. 

and at this event are there a lot of first strikers or at least enough to notice them and they do have a big advantage with the large open fields where are only thin trees  there to give you cover. also they have a ammo limit here for each game. and they have a tendency to make it slightly more milsimish compared to something like OMG events. but you can simply form a group and play things more lose and less structured.

Scenario Big Game - MAGFED ONLY 2019

scenario big game 23 infected

scenario big game 22 revelation

Scenario Big Game - MAGFED ONLY 2018

scenario big game 21 conflict