Paintball BIG games





we started playing paintball big games back in 2015. for those who don’t know what those are. these are usually helt in the weekends and are on bigger fields. and are only like 2 times a year, and some even just 1 time a year. what make big games so fun is that it’s a big event were you play paintball in the day time but you still hang around people how like the same sport as you at the night time. so over time is it a easy way to make new friends al over Europe in our case.


magfed only games are paintball games were all the players on the field use a Marker that uses mags to feed the paint in the marker. this will reduce the amount of paint a player haves to some thing like 20 rounds for each mag. compared to the 200 rounds a hopper holds. making it play as a different game. were movements on the field can be more silent. since you cant rely so much on cover fire. and some other tactics paintball have developed over the time once it became faster and faster paced. magfed markers also make it possible for player to optionally shoot with a different type of paint that is more accurate and flies further those are called First strikes. and some field allow every one to use them some other events restricks it to only bolt action use.





Paintball events

this are more local games that are only for 1 day at a time. I used to play and record back in 2008. so even before De BEER Clan was a thing. but I’m not planning to re-upload those. but here are some videos of resent times. were I take te opportunity to test some new products out that I have made.