Untangle PB is in a way a renamed show that used to be called BEERTV. that was named after our team name De BEER Clan. meaning The BEAR Clan. but since it was a show I only made did I not see why to name it that way anymore. besides does the name BEERTV attract a different audience let say whaha… So I will continue it under this name when I feel that I got something useful to share about paintball. when it was still called BEERTV did I also make a lot of mods. most of those have moved over to Untangle WORKS since I think more in terms of 3d printing now since it’s easier to replicate the same mod. al do I look back with good memories at the old days were I used every thing by hand with limited tools.

this is the old Untangle Paintball show. but it might still be useful for some. I did not re-upload some of these videos that felt like they where totally outdated… but keep in mind that the other videos may still some parts in it of course that might be outdated… or could be done in a different way. like with the help of 3d printed parts. so read my notes below the video in that case as well or even before watching the video so you can see my “more” current thoughts on it if you will

dit is een verzameling aan filmpjes die ik van tijd tot tijd maak. om beginende paintballers op weg te helpen in de sport. je kan hier onder een paar topics zien, en hopelijk schiet je er iets me op. zodat je met meer vertrouwen op het paintball veld te staan.