OMG is a organisation from the UK. that host a lot of magfed only games on different locations. that are mainly hosted in the UK. but there are also a view games hosted in Europe.

what type of MFOG can you expect here? fast passed it’s really treated like a game so there is not much “milsiming going on” short and action packed games with fast respawing. one thing to keep in mind that this organisation doen’t allow you to destroy the other teams base and play them of the field. this can be a bit enjoying at times especially on smaller fields.  preventing you from pushing up at certain places. and I have seen that it can make players a bit passive like there is not much to lose anymore since there is no more round to lose anyways. but don’t feel like pushing them back anymore. making it boring on both sides. but to be fair this can happen with unbalanced teams as well on al kind of events.

but with that sad do I like this magfed organisation the most from the ones I have been. I thing that also helps with this is the location choice and the fact it’s not the same every time. it helps to keep things fresh. besides that is it a kind organisation with a hard for the Magfed game.

OMG events 2019

Operation Hells gate - Batalj Event, sweden

Operation Stonehaven 2 - fort paint, france

OMG events 2018

Operation Katakomb - Drakelow Tunnels, UK

Operation red hammer - Sennybridge FIBUA, UK

Operation Stonehaven - fort paint, france

OMG events 2016

Operation Stonebridge - the citadel, france