about the ICD project

in 2012 and 2013 was I really active with this project. that was all about exploring some alternative camera designs. with a rough prove of concept with a shoe box. and later making cameras in the most practical way I knew at the time from thin layers of wood. and I did had some more plans for the future but something came in between that. looking at the dates now.

that matches when I picked up paintball again with the new team De Beer Clan. I have placed a lot my time into getting that from the ground so that explains it… later when I had my 3d printer back in 2019 did I think about picking up this project again but I later forgot all about it.

but I might since I had a lot fun using al kinds of different techniques with these cameras and thinking how I could push it even further

ICD camera models

there are a view camera categories to look at. where you can vind some work in progress photos. and see the pictures they can take

the cameras I did not end up making


I did sort of made the ICD 3 or at least I know how it roughly would shoot with the help of a lens adapter on the ICD 1. and what made this so special? well this one would use Mamiya 645 lenses wit where a medium format lens on a medium format film but like the ICD 1 would not crop of all the extra lens projection giving it it’s Iconic round shape.


the ICD 2 was a camera I did thinker with would have been the ICD 1 but with a actual shutter mechanism… this proved to be a bit to had to do for me at the time. maybe now with a 3d printer this could be a bit more easy to do now.


this would have been a improvement on te ICD S1. by making more space between the lenses. what should give a better 3d effect. and less overlap of the pictures.


this would have been a dedicated stereo pinhole camera. and it looks like I was  trying to turn it into a cat design. whaha 

do you want to make some as well?

for the moment are there no sharable designs. but in case you have a 3d printer then you might want to look at the designs of Todd Schlemmer on Thingiverse