FGC68TMC FGC9 body conversion kit

this conversion kit is easy to install and doen’t really effect the TMC it self. you can see it a bit as a rail riser kit with a matching shroud  set to select from. the buffertube riser is made to match the FGC9 look. but it’s up to you if you leave that stock, or even go for a dropdown buffer tube to help with aiming with a paintball mask on. 

FGC68TMC instruction videos

other parts that work for the FGC68TMC

tippmann TMC AK Iron sight and gas block

the iron sight sits a bit low but it still works for the looks, and the gas bock will fit inside the FGC9 shrouds so it can help to give it a more different look. or hide the strange look of a long barrel that is poking out of your shroud.  you can just clamp these on your 7/8 barrels

tippmann TMC drop down buffer tube

a dropped down buffer tube can help a lot with aiming when wearing a paintball mask. but it will take a way from the look of the FGC9.

ligth mount for FGC9, FGC6, FGC68

this model right here is the more extreme one in his length. but the idea is to have a mount for you light pad switch. and extent the weapon light more forward so you shine less or no light on your barrel or marker. there are different sizes in the download file. do keep in mind that low sitting red dots will have there view blocked by the flash light…  but the benefit of having it on top is that your light is never blocked by a wall or other type of cover.

loading tools and pouch options for the TMC mags

a clamping feed-neck for the TMC mag loader

this is mod that I made on a loader some one else made for the TIPX, TMC and the T15. this mod was made so it could fit more than one brand of hopper. 

why a speed loader? so it’s a lot faster to load your paintball mags. they are practically loaded by the press of a button this way.

mag winder tool for TMC or T15 mags

this will speed up the winding proses of the spring in your mag. even when you have your mags coupled

3d Printed TMC mag pouches

TMC mags have basically the same shape as M4 mags so it should not be that hard to fit them in side al kind of pouches. but in case you like then there are these models as well.