FGC6G&G FGC9 body conversion kit for the G&G combat machine

this is most likely the closes I will ever go into making a AEG FGC6. some were acting like it’s really easy to use just that gear box into a fgc9 body but things don’t line up since it’s made for M4 mags and no space is wasted in side a airsoft replica. so if you don’t mind using M4 mags and that is’s not 100% looking like a FGC9. then this a flexible platform with of course tried and tested mechanics since you don’t really chance those. it’s more like a rail riser you place over the M4 replica upper. and you use a different shroud.  of course to do the butt stock do you need to pull the wires for the battery through it. but still it should not be a hard build to make. and then things are lining up pretty well with a FGC9 besides that the magwell is different. the model I have made this for is a G&G combat machine. so since those are made in different models does it mean that there is a chance you will need to mod the parts a bit to make it fit right. so I recommend watching the video of the installation so you can see if the design of your replica is still the same so it match these parts.

FGC6G&G instruction videos

other parts that work for the FGC6G&G

speed loader funnel

this just a simple funnel made to make a bit more easy so fill up your mag speed loader.

ligth mount for FGC9, FGC6, FGC68

this model right here is the more extreme one in his length. but the idea is to have a mount for you light pad switch. and extent the weapon light more forward so you shine less or no light on your barrel or marker. there are different sizes in the download file. do keep in mind that low sitting red dots will have there view blocked by the flash light…  but the benefit of having it on top is that your light is never blocked by a wall or other type of cover.

but what about these models?

so as you can see did I consider them first. but there are multiple reasons I did not go there. some just personal. (hard to get my hands on…) but it looks like it basically haves the same gearbox if you look closely does the mag sit a big more forward. also a thing to note is that with some of these models. well they have mag release controls that really don’t match up with a FGC9. were as on the right side a M4 does it may look different but the control is the same. and it’s not sure if you can heighten the stock the same way like I did with the G&G version. but back at this point was my aim to strip the entire body to house in the internals in a modified FGC9 body kit. and was I not thinking about making a simple body kit. that I made for someone else his replica.