shows and gameplay movies that I make as EGEL Danny


how did I get my name EGEL? well, back in 2008 was I a very proud owner of a Planet Eclipse EGO8! and I used brag so much to a friend of my how amazing it was compared to his Tippmann 98. time and time I would bring it up like how fast it can shoot and stuff and the compactness and stuff… so yeah one day he was saying to me like you with your EGEL, and I found that to be kinda funny since I started to realise that I was a bit to proud of that thing whaha.. and what does EGEL mean? well it’s Dutch for hedgehog, so the reason for calling me like that had more to do with twisting the name then anything else. but It was funny to me because it was so random of him to say

time line about me with things relating to paintball

for how long do I play paintball now?

I have neen playing paintball for quite some years now. I had my first paintball marker back in 2006 and did some backyard shooting. but it took some time for me to discover that here was a thing like walk on days. making it a lot more affordable to actually play some paintball games that was 2008 until 2010. then there was a bit of break. for me and my dad and a friend of my I played with. 

until I brought the gaming group of my brother called De BEER Clan into paintball back in 2013. and formed a paintball team with some of them. and the real fun begone once we started to play some big game’s in Europe back in 2015. for me personally was there no going back from that. 

why the Assassin's Creed look?

well I just started out with regular PE Subair clothing. but then soon discovered that camouflage would serve me a lot better at the locations I played. So I moved over to that in a wille. and my aim was always to place more attention on performance then on the looks.

so then it might look a bit odd at the way I look now. since I tried to keep it as practical as possible. but not all things of my suite are that way.

But I can’t fully recall why I started making the Assassins creed uniform. I think that got a lot to do that my brothers was standing out with his look at big games. and I personally started to be a bit bothered with my own look. and I do recall to play a view of the assassin’s creed titels at the time (black flag, unity).

but I can say for sure if you stand out more on events. well that makes it more easy for people to remember you and your team. so it’s definitely a way so make more friends at a faster phase then before I did ware the iconic recognisable clothing. but it’s also true that it’s more easy for people to remember you when you are behaving or playing really bad as well. as I have seen with some other iconic looking players so be warned.

and I do have to admit I do like it more now to see my self back in pictures in this way then with the look I had before. however I still all bout the game, and giving my all. and I have heard that some don’t aspect that from me since I look the way I look on the field

paintball modding

as I said before like to play paintball /magfed but I also enjoy to tinkering around with stuff as you probably know from all the things I have made over the years. and this kinda accelerated once I got my own 3D printer and when I kinda dropped spending so much time editing my paintball movies. it felt time more well spend to place that time into 3d designing. al do I have to say I do like looking back at all the moments and locations we have been as a team. it’s sometimes hard to remember if you don’t have any recordings or pictures to look back at.

hopper Paintball or magfed?

that is easy Magfed only games are more fun to play if you ask me. and I even play a lot of magfed on big games. but this can be though at times. to keep up with the other players and to last the longer game times.

of course did I not start out as a magfed player magfed was not really a thing back in 2008 but I got my first magfed marker back in 2014