the citadel is closed but Agimont is still open. but for now not for big games. and it might have been a 1 time thing to continue the event after that the Citadel needed to close down all the sudden.¬† Agimont was more of a woodsball event with some wooden structures on it. but at the time was it kinda rushed to try to make it into a big game field. so it’s not fair to make a big statement about how it was to play there since they did the best they could in the 1 week notice.

something that still stands out about the Citadel/ Agimont are the 3 team big game events were your really need to defend your bases. other wise that team will lose that respwan for like 15 minutes. so that chanced the entire field dynamic really fast form 3 teams to 2.

and there were quite some chances from event to event here 

Agimont adventure 2017


the Citadel 2016

THE CITADEL big game - lord of the rings

THE CITADEL BIG GAME - game of thrones

the citadel - walkon day

the Citadel 2015

THE CITADEL big game